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Quarab for sale

The Quarab is an American breed created by crossing Arabian horses with stock horses such as American Quarter Horses. Paint Horses have also contributed to this attractive and hard-working breed, which combines the skill and focus of a stock horse with the endurance and appearance of the Arabian horse. In fact, over the years, three distinct types have developed, which means that equestrians who buy a Quarab can choose between a horse that is more of a stock type, or one with more Arabian qualities. Breeders who sell a Quarab are often members of the Italian Quarab Horse Association since the closure of the International Quarab organisation. The breed is not only popular in the USA but also in Europe, with many enthusiasts in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

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Quarab, Stallion, Foal (06/2020), 15.1 hh
Leisure - Western Other - Endurance - Cowhorse
2,500 € to 5,000 €
price range ~2,224 £ to 4,447 £
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Quarab, Mare, 16 years, 15.2 hh, Pinto Leisure
2,800 €
~ 2,491 £ ONO
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Quarab, Mare, 8 years, 14.3 hh, Chestnut
Leisure - Western Other - Breeding - Working Equitation
3,950 €
~ 3,513 £ ONO
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Quarab Mix, Mare, 12 years, 14 hh, Gray
Western Other - Leisure - Reining - Trail
5,000 € to 10,000 €
price range ~4,447 £ to 8,895 £
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Quarab Mix, Mare, 17 years, 14.1 hh, Gray Leisure
2,500 €
~ 2,224 £ ONO
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Use and characteristics of the Quarab

Although breeders have been producing crosses of Arabian and stock horses for many years, the Quarab is the outcome of a systematic approach based on breed ratios. Quarabs are between 14 hands (56 inches/142 cm) and 16 hands (64 inches/163 cm) high. This height range offers plenty of choice for those considering whether to buy a Quarab as a family horse. The three types of Quarab are: the Straight Quarab, also known as the Foundation Quarab. The ratio here is 50% Arabian and 50% stock horse (Quarter Horse and/or Paint Horse). This type represents the breed standard in the registry for breeders who sell a Quarab. The second type, the Stock Quarab, favours the stock horse breeds, with their rounder, more muscular croups and highly muscled legs and shoulders. Finally, Pleasure Quarabs are more Arabian in appearance, with longer necks and body, and musculature that is less pronounced. They excel at endurance. Percentages of up to 1/8 to 7/8 of either breed type are permitted. Every colour of coat is accepted apart from leopard complex spotting.

Origin and history of breeding Quarabs

Crossing Stock Horses and Arabians to produce versatile utility horses was well-established by the 1950s. The power, athleticism and intelligence of the Stock Horse breeds and the stamina and endurance of the Arabian produced horses that were both attractive and useful. In fact, crosses of various types were already gaining recognition and awards within existing breed registries. Finding that the concept was successful, breeders began to put thought and structure into their breeding programmes. The 1980s saw several registries emerge, including the United Quarab Registry (UQR) in 1984. Originally, this organisation registered Quarter Horse and Arabian crossbred horses. In 1989 a new section was added, the Painted Quarab index, for crossbred horses with tobiano and overo coats. A decade later, the UQR had gone out of business and was superseded by the International Quarab Horse Association. Today, the breed standard is now maintained by the Italian Quarab Horse Association since the IQHA no longer exists. Since the breed still has an enthusiastic following in the USA and many parts of Europe, it is likely to continue, supported by equestrians who know that its versatility is equally suited to western and English styles of riding.

Quarab horses in equestrianism

Quarab horses excel in western events, from cutting cows to pleasure and trail classes. Pleasure Quarabs make excellent mounts for endurance riding. Foundation Quarabs maintain the stock horse qualities that make them good all-round horses for work and leisure activities. This attractive breed is equally at home in the show ring, on the trail or at work, making a Quarab horse an excellent choice for the experienced equestrian family.